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  • House Sake


    Hot or Cold

  • Domestic Beers


    Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite

  • Import Beers


    Dos Equis, Heinekein, Kirin, Kirin Light, Sapporo, Asahi, Dallas Blonde

  • Well Liquors


    Titos Vodka, Bacardi, Sauza Blue, BeefEater Gin, and Evan Williams

  • House Wines


    Red or White

  • O-ni Bites


    Crispy Panko-crusted rice balls drizzled with our spicy aioli

  • Oyster Shooters


    A citrusy fresh oyster sake shot

  • Classic Roll


    Choose between California, Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Salmon, and Spicy Salmon rolls

  • Spicy Edamame


    Spicy, Garlicky, Wok-tossed edamame

  • Karaage Bites


    Tender Japanese Style Fried Chicken with our roasted house sesame dressing

  • Japanese Croquette


    Crunchy Potato Pancakes topped with garlic shrimp

  • Stuffed Jalapenos


    Tempura Fried Jalapenos stuffed with a Snow Crab mix

  • Fried Oysters


    Fresh Oysters, Panko-Fried topped with a spicy aioli

  • Tuna Crisps


    Wonton Crisps topped with Tuna Tartar and a wasabi aioli

  • Kobe Potsickers


    Ground Kobe Beef dumplings stuffed with Portobella Mushrooms and glass noodles, Served with a Soy Vinaigrette. Pan Seared or Deep Fried

  • Kung- Pao Calamari


    Fried Calamari wok tossed in our house sweet and tangy sauce

  • Tuna Tower


    Chopped Tuna, Snow Crab Mix, Avocados, and Sushi Rice. Served with our spicy and wasabi aioli

  • Sashimi Sampler


    Chefs Choice of fresh Sashimi